Solar Flares and Second Chances - Activating in the SH Region of W4V

An X8.2 flare had deprived me of a couple activations in September. But try, try again. Here’s a report on my recent activation of W4V/SH-013, SH-017, and SH-026. Not only was I relieved to avoid the solar flares this time, but also especially pleased to make some qrp, transatlantic qso’s with chasing friends from my stretch in Germany earlier this year: @EA2BD, @EA2LU, @HB9BHW, and @OK1DVM . Cheers, David, N3II


Hi David,
well done on your second try.
I was equally surprised and glad to hear you. Even more knowing now you were using an HB-1B. Very well done!

Nice report and pics; your new digital camera doing a fine job.
73 and hope to catch you some more times.
73 de Ignacio

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My first instinct was to assume my own equipment had failed. But I could just squeeze enough out of 4g bars to keep up with the Sotawatch exchange to learn it was Mother Nature.
Here’s the NASA update on the flare, with video. Very cool stuff (or hot actually).