Just seen a posting for G4IEG who is planning to activate a hill close to my qth. It would be sociable to offer the chance of a cuppa if needed to any activator when visiting this area but there doesn’t seem to be a way of communicating (other than on-air).

Is this a facility that might be of use on SOTAwatch?

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Item 2.



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This will be good when its available. I live in mid Wales and often have summits being activated only a few miles from my qth. I would like to put faces to callsigns (I think…) as well, by offering a cuppa, maybe even a biscuit!

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In most cases a quick visit to or HamCall World-Wide Callsign Database will reveal an email address for the activator who can be contacted this way.
The same two web sites plus the call book will get a name and address and a visit to will give you their telephone number.

Charles G4IEG obviously is a little secretive about his identity as he does not appear in any of the above. So he may be someone really famous in which case look for the black helicopters and have a word with the men in dark suits and sun glasses to pass on your invite. Best get the Earl Gray in just in case.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

My qth is more or less the gateway to North Wales, with GW/NW-042, 043, 044, 051, 053, 054 and 062, all within a 30 minute drive. Snowdonia is only 1 hour away.
Any activator passing through is welcome to call in for a brew, either before or after the activation, just email in advance (email address in to confirm I’ll be at home.