SO2R and SOTA...maybe not

While this is a little off topic, this portable SO2R station that I have spent far too much time and money on could, at a pinch, be used for SOTA on a drive up.

But I entirely blame SOTA for convincing me field and portable operations are fun.

If interested in my journey to construct an SO2R portable station that can travel by plane, car or better still Jeep, click away at



Thanks for sharing Paul, and congrats for a well organized project and a tidy setup.

Good luck and looking forward to work you in contests from your nice cockpit!

73 de Ignacio

Thanks for sharing Paul. Neat and tidy! Reminds me of my military days.

An antenna I’ve been eyeballing for a couple of years now is the N6BT Q52 2L multiband portable beam:

Small, lite, and easier to deal with than the hex style of anteannae… Just never got around to dropping the coin and picking one up, yet! :wink:

73, Todd KH2TJ