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Snowshoes - a great way to get onto the hills

Assuming you are skilled and equipped to survive on the hills in the current UK weather, the use of Snowshoes can make progress more rapid and easier.

They are not very popular in the UK as we don’t often get the “right type of snow”. But when we do they are great.

The French sports retailer Decathlon carries a variety of models. For most use the “cheap and cheerful” end of the market is perfectly adequate.

They are not designed for steep slopes, but the metal rails and grips will deal with a surprising variety of surfaces, including ice.

The bonus is that they are easy to learn to use, unlike something like cross country or mountaineering skis.



In reply to 2W0GDA:

How interesting! Times have certainly changed. When I was a lad, snowshoes resembled a pair of tennis racquets strapped on to your boots!

Walt (G3NYY)

I have a pair of these. I have had them for years and when the snow is right (rarely here) they are excellent.




In reply to G3NYY:
They are now fairly lightweight and the shape makes it easier to avoid tripping over your feet.

I’ve used them quite a bit.

I might be using them today!

Heavy snow in North Wales and drifting.


In reply to 2W0GDA:

They are not designed for steep slopes, but the metal rails and grips
will deal with a surprising variety of surfaces, including ice.

Snowshoeing is very popular in the northeast USA. The major manufacturers (MSR, Tubbs, Atlas) all offer a range of models. The least expensive are designed for the proverbial walk on the golf course and with increasing cost, increasing alpine capability. I use the Flex Alp shoe and it is very much designed for steep slopes - http://goo.gl/SJGE3

Barry N1EU

In reply to 2W0GDA:
Years ago when we had SOTA-mountains here in the Ore Mountains (DM/SX) I used these snowshoes:


In reply to 2W0GDA:
Agree with you, Gerald.
I used snowshoes some weeks ago to activate the summit OE/TI-573 during my winter holiday within OE7. (http://dk3cwblog.blog.de/2013/01/08/snowshoe-activation-of-oe-ti-665-and-oe-ti-15409405/)
During my vacation in OE7, I activated two SOTA summits within OE/TI. On New Year’s Eve, I crested the summit Hochköpfl (OE/TI-665), 1539m ASL. It was a little bit difficult to reach the summit, 'cause at this time I had no snowshoes with me. It’s exhausting to walk through deep snow without snowshoes or touring skis.
Some days later, I borrowed snowshoes to reach the summit OE/TI-573. The weather was rainy and foggy, but there was still deep snow. After I’ve reached the small arête , it was very difficult to find the right way up to the summit due to deep snow and heavy snow banks. But in this case, the snow shoes were vry helpful to prevent myself from sinking into the deep snow. Used snowshoes manufactured by Tubbs.

vy 73 de DK3CW Jakob

In reply to MW6BDV:

Good Luck with your MG activation today Barry. I hope the wx is kind to you. Stay safe!