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Snowing SOTA map

Season’s Greetings all,
I noticed snowing on SOTA map screen. It is good to see in this season. :grinning:

Thank you for all support of SOTA JA.

Ah, now I know what @DM1CM has spent my recent donation for: He has purchased some snow for the SMP.
I had to check this immediately. At first there was no snow in DM-land. I estimated this would reflect the situation outside on many of the real DM-summits. But doing a forced reload in Firefox (Ctrl + F5) started snowfall.

Perhaps some other users of the SMP should also hit the Donate button to increase Rob’s stock of snow?

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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In case you want to conserve snow … there is a button down the (very) bottom left corner to toggle it.

Interesting, I see that it is even snowing in VK - at least on the map it is. In real life, very far from it - maybe we should have smoke from the bushfires to make it more realistic…


…be careful what you wish for Matt… :smirk:

:christmas_tree: Merry Christmas to all in SOTA and beyond, from me and the SMP team (far too many to mention!) :gift:

And I’d like to take this opportunity to give especially seasonal thanks to the 14 (EDIT: now 16!) people who have this year contributed donations to the SMP - your generosity and kind thoughts are much appreciated! You know who you are…


Oh believe me I am not wishing for it - just experiencing it. I am currently staying in the historic town of Beechworth in NE VK3 which has a large fire (looks like it has covered an area about 40km by 15 km) nearby that is still not under control - the fire has been burning for about a week now and the smoke is very evident!


Be safe Matt, our thoughts are with you and others there…

And I’m trawling the Deep Web for the code that could enable the virtual SMP snow to be made real. Watch this space…


Oh Mera san I did not notice on it. Good discovery.

Hi Matt
No worry mate, it can be stopped by switch at bottom. Weekend is fine and weekday snow to rest… :wink: