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Snowdonia Yesterday


Apparently it was the busiest day in living memory.


Hi Richard, tell me why were all these cars on the road for.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Damn!! That’s a lot of visitors. I’m afraid I would have kept on driving… takes all the enjoyment out of visiting a place like that when it’s overrun with people.

At the top of the road (end of clip) is a popular carpark for ascending GW/NW-001 (Snowdon). It was full so people parked along the road. People were on the road because we have had many months of bad weather and I expect they all thought it was a last chance to get out walking for a while. It was understandable but clearly not a good thing given the current situation.

It demonstrates a lack of imagination that everybody heads for Snowdon. Nowhere else in GW/NW is quite like it. On any other summit 20 people would be “busy”. I’m very glad of SOTA having introduced some many other good summits to me!

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I agree but on the other hand even the Snowdonia NPA did not expect such a crowd. These herd things are hard to anticipate (like the toilet roll thing).

And on the flip side here are some Brits to be proud of

BTW… I thought Boris announced plans for the police to arrest violators or is that work in progress?

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And they all got a £70 ticket for parking on the Clearway
You can se the Traffic Warden working his way down.


Work in progress I expect. At the moment the Government are taking the gentle approach with the public. I can see it hardening very soon, especially if there continue to be scenes like those last weekend. Thankfully next weekend the forecast is for cold northerly winds which will keep more people indoors.