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Snowdonia recommendations pse?

Should be arriving in Snowdonia by 7pm on Friday evening. I have tried to find a summit suitable for an evening stroll before bed. Moel Eilio NW-022 is probably too far, and Moel-ddu NW-045 too taxing! Mynydd Mawr also looks too much.

Can anyone recommend an evening-stroll-friendly SOTA summit on that side of Snowdonia, or failing that, a nice 2 hour walk that will help us sleep soundly ahead of our big day on Saturday?


Tom M1EYP & Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom

Mynydd Bodafon isn’t a million miles away or possibly Holyhead Mountain, or both as a pair, both are quickly reached across Anglesey. just a thought.


In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom,

Not sure where you’re planning on staying in Snowdonia, have you thought of giving Moel y Gest NW-067 a go. Lovely views in the evening at this time of year, then fish and chips in Tremadog square afterwards…

73 Robert

Hi Mike and Robert,

Holyhead Mountain is a bit too far away, and Mynydd Bodafon probably is too - although it is a very quick “ascent”. However, Jimmy has activated both of those before, and our aspirations are exclusively for his uniques these days, with the exception of our loyalty to our local SPs.

Moel-y-Gest is a great shout. That is one that Jimmy needs as part of his “catch-up” programme, and is feasible as a relatively quick Friday evening activation. I know it won’t be completely quick; I’ve done it before and trivial it ain’t - but certainly a possibility if we make good time on the roads.

We have a pass-out to go camping on the Lleyn Peninsular in the summer, possibly with Jimmy and Liam’s cousin coming as well, so we hope to do all those, plus Bardsey Island (Mynydd Enlli NW-072) then. However, losing Moel-y-Gest from the portfolio will not be the end of the world, for there is always Yr Eifl NW-075, Gyrn Ddu NW-050 and Moel Hebog NW-014 to pad things out if required.

Cheers, Tom M1EYP

In reply to M1EYP:

Not sure that NW-014 Moel Hebog is something to “pad out” a weekend. But it is well worth doing. Especially if you combine it with a round trip to visit Owain Glyndwr’s cave. The ascent is reasonably straightforward apart from a bit of a scree slope near the summit but it is a fair ascent of most of the 750 or so metres from Beddgelert.

Ignore the bridlepath on the map, it is wrong in a big way. You will see why when you walk up the summit.


No, not a weekend Ian. NW-014 would be something to do on a completely spare day in a week’s camping holiday. It’s not on the agenda for this coming weekend! Thanks for the tip about the bridleway.


The Lleyn Peninsular summer camping holiday, if it comes off, will target Mynydd Enlli NW-072, Mynydd Rhiw NW-064, Carneddol NW-068, Garn Boduan NW-066, Carn Fadryn NW-058, Yr Eifl NW-075 and Gyrn Ddu NW-050. Moel Hebog NW-014 or others on that western edge of Snowdonia will be considered if we end up with spare days. The main target seven can probably be done in three days.

Anyway, in the meantime, the targets for the coming weekend are Moel-y-Gest NW-67 (hope to do on Friday evening), the big walk on Saturday - Y Lliwedd NW-008, Yr Wyddfa NW-001 & Yr Aran NW-019, and another big walk on Sunday - Pen Llithrig y Wrach NW-013 and Creigiau Gleision NW-028.

Fingers crossed that the weather behaves. Saturday looks fine, but both Friday and Sunday have the capacity to be wet.


In reply to M1EYP:
It seems odd to me now, but I have never camped closer to the Lleyn than the campsite right under Moel y Gest (which I climbed once at midnight by the light of a small paraffin lamp, daft!) so when you do your reports for the summer holiday I will be interested to hear about the campsite, Tom. The weather there is usually drier than Snowdonia, which can be useful.


Brian G8ADD

We had a SOTA BBQ camping weekend in the vicinity of Mynytho, near Pwllheli, in 2004. There are loads of campsites in this area, ideal for the Lleyn/Bardsey summits.

Roger MW0IDX - can you remind me of the name/contact details of the site we used?


In reply to M1EYP:

I can’t find their web-site but the phone number is Chris & Val Green
Tel: +44 (0) 1758-740712

Other altenatives I was thinking about were the following




I’ll post one or two pics of previous BBQ weekends on Flickr when I get a moment.

Roger MW0IDX

Thanks Roger. I managed to Google it in the meantime; wasn’t 100% sure it was the same place, but when Val emailed me the tariff, and it mentioned use of the amateur radio station, then I knew it was! They seem to be a cheaper, more ‘no-frills’ option than the others you list, so I look forward to returning there in August.

Any likelihood of a Welsh SOTA BBQ this year (as if you’ll get chance hi hi!)? In the meantime, just order some good weather for Jimmy & I in Snowdonia this weekend. (BTW - fancy a walk/joint activation, or do you need to stay close to base now? - see alerts for our plans).

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to M1EYP:
I was hoping to plan a Welsh BBQ this year but can not find any time at the moment unfortunately :frowning: Your Sunday trip looks the most promising I’ll see what I can do.
Did you get my email a couple of weeks ago about Tryfan?

I’ve posted one or two photos on Flickr of past SOTA BBQ’s.

Roger MW0IDX

It would be nice if you could join us on Sunday Roger. I don’t recall getting an email from you re Tryfan. I do quite fancy combining it Glyder Fawr and Y Garn.


Looking at the walk descriptions on t’internet, my intended plan tomorrow, as expected, looks a long and difficult walk. Furthermore, the wx forecast for tomorrow has deteriorated significantly in the past couple of days.

At this stage, I am still thinking along the lines of Y Lliwedd NW-008 / Snowdon NW-001 / Yr Aran NW-019, but may need to reconsider if the wx is bad in the morning.

I know that Roger MW0IDX and John G4YSS have done this route. Any others?


In reply to M1EYP:
Not combined NW19 with NW-008 and NW-001, but have done NW-008 and NW-001 as a pair so can make the following observations which may help.
I walked in to NW-008 from Pen-y-Pass on the Miners track and ascended, on a good path, to the ridge which takes you over the east and west summits of E Lliwedd. Descended on a fairly rocky and steepish route to pick up the Watkin path at Bwich Ciliau. Followed the Watkin path up NW-001, which takes you up a fairly steep scree slope on the southe-western flank of Snowdon.
It’s not a route I would enjoy doing in poor visibility or slippery conditions, as there is a degree of exposure and a long slide if you miss your footing on scree.
Similarly, If you are proposing to do Tryfan via Glyder Fach and descending to Bwich Tryfan on the scree path adjoining Bristly Ridge I think it would be more enjoyable in good weather.

Indeed Frank. I certainly hope to beat the rain to that final scree ascent up to Snowdon GW/NW-001 summit, after my activation of Y Lliwedd GW/NW-008. Hmmm - exposure? I was hoping no-one would mention that word! The walking route sites online all seem to offer two basic bits of advice for this steep section of scree - keep left, and that it’s better going up than down!

Can anyone advise on the level of exposure I may encounter on the ridge down from Snowdon GW/NW-001 towards Yr Aran GW/NW-019? I see that the winds are forecast to pick up later in the afternoon (35mph) and wonder if this will be a threat on this section?


In reply to M1EYP:

It isn’t a very sharp ridge on that side, being one of the major tourist routes.

I think the whole thing would go better the other way around, start with NW-019 from the Beddgelert side and finish with NW-008, you will find it a lot easier descending the scree and not going against the flow - it can be more crowded than the local High Street on a Saturday morning!

Must get up there myself, soon, and see what the new summit burger bar is like!


Brian G8ADD

PS If you don’t relish exposure, thank your lucky stars that Crib Goch isn’t a Marilyn!

In reply to M1EYP: I’ve used the Watkin Path from Y Lliwedd onto Yr Wyddfa, and I’ve descended the same way. Lets just say I’ll not be in a hurry to repeat the experience. The path has small loose stones in many places, with little to hold on to that looked solid enough to take my weight. Definitely going up was less of a problem than going down. However, many walkers, some unsuitably shod (like shorts and open sandals/no socks), use the path so perhaps I’m biased

Never tried Yr Aran, and the south ridge is one approach I’ve not done yet.

The whole Horseshoe? Not sure I’ve got the bottle now, but I’d love the chance to try it on a good day with a guide.

Enjoy it, and look out for the feral goats. I saw them on the south side of Y Lliwedd last year, and also near the track from Marchlyn Mawr reservoir (on the way down from NW-005. Big blighters - about 70cm across the horns, HI!

In reply to M1EYP:
I have a nice photograph showing NW-001 to NW-019 on http://www.burtonarc.co.uk/SOTA_GW_NW_008_001.htm last image on the page
Its open and exposed, not good in the rain or wind, some places could be fun in a strong wind.

I am very jealous of your views and photos Steve. We saw nowt all day. The weather was horrid, cool and extremely wet. Mind you, that’s probably why we managed Yr Aran as well for a three summit day and you didn’t. Whilst rain is unpleasant, it doesn’t sap the strength like hot sun does! We were wet and tired by the time we arrived at the foot of Yr Aran having descended the South Ridge from Snowdon, but we did have some remaining time, energy and enthusiasm. Having said that, the descent of Yr Aran is long and challenging, especially without the convenience of visability, and time, energy and enthusiasm were all exhausted by the time we got back to the car.

It was a very long day, starting from Nant Gwynant along the Watkin Path at 7.00am, eventually returning to that point at 9.00pm, 14 hours later, with 13 miles, over 6000 feet of ascent, 3 activations and 24 activator points behind us. Several radio equipment problems, problems with clothing, gear and boots plus being very tired caused us to cancel our intended expedition up NW-013 and NW-028 for today, so we did a repeat of Great Orme NW-070 instead. The wind on there, at just 207m ASL, was incredible. I appreciate it sticks out into the Irish Sea, but even so! An Arriva bus arrived on the Great Orme car park, opened it’s passenger door, and the force of the wind blew its entire front windscreen out and across the car park, narrowly missing my own car. We got out of there pretty quickly, and went down to Kinmel Bay for a chat and a brew with Roger MW0IDX, which was very pleasant. Ironically, our decision to cancel today was based on factors other than the wx, but I don’t think activations in the most part of Snowdonia would have been viable or even possible today.

In contrast, we had a superb walk and activation on Moel-y-Gest NW-067 on Friday evening after driving over from Macc. Great weather, stunning views and a lovely walk, the round trip including fairly breif activation taking 2 hours.

Full activation reports to follow.