Snow storm on Monte Puzzilo AB-014: extreme sota with Luca IZ0FLY

Incredible activation today on Monte Puzzillo made together with Luca IZ0FLY !
We had been planning a SOTA outing for days but the weather forecast was not good for this weekend and so we weren’t convinced. This morning the weather gave us a window of 3-4 hours of decent weather so we left Rome around 8.30 towards Abruzzo. We arrived after an hour’s drive and we walked towards the top of Monte Puzzillo I / AB-014 a beautiful peak of 2174 meters in the Campo Felice area. The weather was stable, not beautiful, but it wasn’t raining. In about an hour and a half we reached the top (about 5 km of walking at 700 meters in altitude) but the weather has changed a lot, there was a very strong wind so much that we moved away from the top and sheltered in a north side.

We mounted the fishing rod antenna, Luca’s K1 Elecraft and launched Cw and Spot Sota started snowing. In a moment we found ourselves in a storm of snow and wind, we did 4 qso in 30 meters with my callsign ( thanks to @HB9AGH @IK2LEY @F5JKK @DJ5AV ) and then 2 qso with Luca’s call (tnx to @SA4BLM @DL2HWI ) and 2 qso in 144 mhz and then we disassembled everything and we started the descent.

The snow and the wind followed us for an hour, then when we were about 10/15 from the car … the sun returned to shine and we looked at each other thinking what an incredible adventure we had experienced.

I know this mountain and its long path on the ridge well, we had crampons and ice axes and therefore even with the snow we never took a risk, overall it was an incredible day, afterwards we enjoyed a beer and a sandwich looking at Monte Puzzilo from underneath. with the sun … watching the video of us in the snow doing CW. The Sota really allows you to experience great emotions

73 And IW0HK


You guys do this for ugh… fun?
Good show!


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Impressive! Congratulations. :slight_smile:

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yes… at the end was fun, the end of the trek was with sun, the snow storm… was a problem with our hf activity but everything was safe. Moutain can be like that… sure in Abruzzo

73 And HK

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