SMSmySOTA is now SPOTmySOTA v.3.0. The universal spotter

Hi folks!

I hope this will be the definitive version of my spotter.

First of all, you can see that the name of the app has changed to SPOTmySOTA, because now it can spot also via internet.

What’s new ?

  • Now this app can be considered the universal spotter because it can send the spots either via
    internet and via the four sms gateways of the world:
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

To add these two last servers I have rewritten the code because they use a different format than the first two.

  • Send buttons improved and now they say clearly “send via internet” and “send via SMS Server Country X” (not to use another country’s server by mistake)

  • Added to configuration the option to save the last sent spot. If you check this, every data of the last spot is saved (also if you exit the app), except of the comments.

  • As you probably know, to use the UK and USA SMS servers, you must first ask registration to Andy M0FMF. (to Spanish and Hungarian servers, not registration is required).


  1. If you test it, please use always a valid summit reference, if not, Sotawatch will refuse your spot.
  2. Frequency always in khz (e.g. 14.260 must be entered as 14260, 145.550 must be entered as 145550). Sorry, no decimal khz allowed at this version.

You can download the new version here:


73 de Iñigo EA2CQ

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Thanks Iñigo, it’s very good and extremely easy to use :smiley:


Victor GI4ONL