SMSBot format?

Hello All,

Well, not for the first time, I’ve forgotten how use SMSBot to self-spot! I’d check the instructions at:

but its down right now. I’d contact Andy directly, but I could do with an answer before I go out activating tomorrow, so I’m erring on the side of caution and appealing to a wider audience.

So, even just a sample message would be more than useful.

Thanks and 73,
Dave M0MYA.

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Hi Dave,

I just clicked the link you posted & it worked fine, maybe you could try again.

If it still doesn’t work let me know, I have a copy I downloaded somewhere, although it might be quite old.


Mark G0VOF

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Thank you Mark, It does indeed seem to be back up now.

Also, many thanks to John 2E0VCO for sending me a copy via email.

Dave M0MYA.

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I’m getting annoyed by this fault. For years and years and years, my net connection just kept working. I’d had the smae IP address for years and everything was rosy.

A few months back my ISP did something and I came home to find no connectivity. The fix was an unheard of reboot of the modem, a router reboot alone was not enough. Again everything was rosy but I had a new IP address. I had to tweak a few things that relied on the old IP address but no real problems.

Now, approximately every 14-16 days, connectivity dries up. I’ve not been able to determine from the logs what is happening but it looks like the ISP refuses to grant new IP leases (of the same IP) unless the modem is power cycled. Doesn’t make sense. As already mentioned, I was away down to the flatlands on Lincolnshire on a classic train trip so the connection was down from around 9pm till I came in at about 11pm and couldn’t check my email.

I’m hoping a friend on the same ISP cable roadside box as me will have a solution as his needs for 24/7 connectivity are much greater than mine. I don’t want to change anything with my ISP as I have a special deal that gets me 768k/20M connectivity for vastly less than the headline price. Moving to the 3M/30M service may solve the issue but at considerable expense taken over the years.

It’s all up and working now.


In reply to MM0FMF: is what I used to use Andy.
Gets around having to pay for a static ip address from your Internet provider.


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I don’t pay for a static IP. Telewest used to do their DHCP properly. i.e. modem goes on line and asks for IP address and offers MAC address, DHCP server gives you an IP address. If you left the modem plugged in online you would keep that IP address as the next time you renewed the lease their DHCP server would see the same MAC address and give the same IP address. Worked like a charm till they changed something recently as part of the 100Mbps upgrades.

I use dyndns to resolve much stuff here. redirects to my dyndns address and I’ve got ddclient running on the Linux machine (that does the SMSbot) to keep dyndns happy. So the problem is not handling a dynamic IP address and mapping that to static items but the fact that the DHCP between the cable modem and my ISP fails to renew the lease. I can see a simple fix is to power them both from a timeswitch which drops them both off the power for 5mins around 3am. Crude but effective.

It’s like many things… you get used to them just working and then someone goes and makes something better and it’s no longer straightforward. Grrr!