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SMS spottingnot workng for me

Perhaps someone can help me understand what I am doing wrong with SMS spotting which is no longer working for me.
My format is : k2jb w6 sn001 146.52 fm test ignore
I’m texting this to 530-430-7682 from the same phone number I’ve had forever.
What about that is incorrect?

TIA, Dean ~ K2JB

The phone number. It changed 6 months ago. See Sms spotting for North America

I spotted yesterday via NA SMS. Works good.

Tried the same format to 424-373-7682 and still no joy.

Im just driving out to activate niw. Will spot sms.

There have been spots from G4YBU, G0EVV, M0JLA, MM0YCJ, G8CPZ, VE6VID & VE2VDZ in the last 24hours. But there is nothing from you Dean. Could be lots of reasons why but not anything directly that I can affect. Sorry.

I just did a test spot via sms. No problems here at all.


I don’t know if this could cause the issue, but make sure there is only one space separating the character groupings.

It should be immune to multiple spaces Paul. In Dean’s case the SMS was not being delivered to my SMS provider. Or it was being offered and rejected. Either way nothing arrived at my end to process. This is always the worst kind of problem because we don’t where the delivery chain was failing.

Just for the record, the number in my phone is 1424 373 7682.
I had a lot of problems trying to spot in Europe because of prefixes to phone numbers that all the locals knew and I didnt.

Official infos here:


Australians can use 0447 568667 ( +61447568667 )

European spotters should use 07903 533046 ( +447903533046 )
or the OE SMS number +43 680 3110897

For North Americans the number is 1-424-373-SOTA ( 1-424-373-7682 )

I guess from outside the US it would be +1 424 373 7682

And of course if you change your own phone number you need to register it with Andy.

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