Sms spotting with sotawatch3

Hello , I am registered on the sms spotting service . I have not been out operating sota since October and was wondering is the sms service spotting on Sotawatch 3 ?

73 Matt 2E0FGX

I had to register with Andy (took a while)

To use VK number also register with Parks n Peaks

So will have to re register for Sotawatch3?

73 Matt 2E0FGX

No, send a email to Andy and get your phone number registered. See here:
Or use my OE spotter that supports a username + password option, too.

If you have sotadata access you can alert and spot on sw3. Easy :slight_smile:

73 Joe

SW2 is going away in favour of SW3 at the end of the month, so you can use your SSO/database login to access it. Neither depends on SMS spotting or vice versa

This is why i want to be able to spot myself on Sotawatch3. I have in past used sms spot but i believe only comes up on sotawatch 2 .

I will send him a email.


Apologise all to who has helped but it is working. Just done a test spot and comes up on sotawatch 3, last time I tried it did not . Never mind all working now

73 Matt

Same database, same spots