SMS Spotting failure

Oh dear, the failure pixies were out in force today. Confusion over HB9HST for a start. I’ve just got home and found the SMS server was not happy either.

I did a remote security update today on the server whilst in the office. Normally I remotely reboot and check the SMS spotter has started but after the update the server didn’t seem happy. It looked liked it was working but I couldn’t start a remote desktop session, just SSH sessions. I work 10mins from home so I’d normally pop home for lunch, slap the server and that would be that. But today I was busy at work so I had to leave it. If I’d have had more time I’d have pushed a test spot through and known the system was borked, but my employer actually wanted me to work so I didn’t have time for that!

I’ve just rebooted the system and found 8 SMS for today stuck in the system. It looks like USB died when I did the update. Very strange indeed as Linux boxes normally are fine with remote updates and don’t need a reboot after. Today’s updates include kernel patches so it did need the BRS flipping.

Sorry to those who sent spots and saw nothing. Also one was for HB9DST on BE-138 and that might have helped a few people wondering in HB9HST was on a summit or not. I’ve deleted them from SOTAwatch to try minimise any confusion.

Ho hum…