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SMS spot

SMS spot not is not working for me and no idea why ?

I have attached a shot on what test I did and not coming up with any spots on stopwatch 2 or 3 .

Any ideas ?


From the FAQ (link at the top of the page)

FREQUENCY: This MUST be your chosen spot FREQUENCY in Megahertz. A valid numeric separator is REQUIRED ( a Period “ . ” a Comma “ , ” or a Colon “ : ” ). You will not get a spot without a valid numeric separator. You also will not get a spot with a FREQUENCY that includes more than one separator character. Thus 5.3985 7,190 and 14:283 are all suitable for the FREQUENCY . While not typical, a spot of 10106.0 (actually a spot for 10.106 GHz) is also valid. A correctly formatted SMS spot that does post to sotawatch will always display with a Dot “.” as the numeric separator.

Brilliant , I know was doing something daft ! 145.000 .

Cheers Andy


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If I had £1 for every time I did something daft I would be a very rich man :wink:

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