SMS spot server down

My SMS spot server for EU and VK is currently down. I’m not sure if the server has crashed or if my home net connection is down. It may come back up of its own accord should the net start working. Otherwise it will be offline until I can reset the server later today.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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Who is this MM0MFM chap?

Reckon he’s been spending too much time exchanging banter with MW0IML, MW0MWL and MW0WML. Life has been a lot easier round here since M3EYP/2E0EYP was unable to get M0EYP and became M0HGY.


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Ha! Well it’s up and it looks like a fair few people where trying to spot themselves.

The failure analysis is a wonderful example of multipoint failures. But too long to type now. :wink:


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Ha ha … like it Tom…

Best comment I had on my new call sign… “MW0WML, hmmm, sounds like the noise a cat would make if meowing with a mouse in its mouth”…


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This might sound a daft question but your posting is the only thing I can find on the subject of SMS spots. How do you do it as I have seen many spots done via SMS?..
Cheers, Mick…

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Messages can be sent via SMS to one of two servers.

System 1:

(Everywhere but USA/Canada)

Linux server running 24/7 with connection to internet via cable modem in my shack, USB 2G phone dongle (supports GSM voice, SMS, GPRS, EDGE). Custom app polls modem every minute and downloads for processing. Incoming phone number is checked against database for valid users. If valid SMS sent for processing.

System 2:


Uses Google Voice (free service) to receive SMS which is forwarded by email. Email is handled by a server in a data centre (somewhere in W7). On receipt of email the message is piped into a custom app which massages the email so it looks like an SMS. Sent to exactly same app as on System 1.

The app (written in Python) checks the syntax is valid, fixes a few errors it can correct, handles UK callsign secondary locator changes and finally posts the message to SOTAwatch for SOTA spots. It can also handle standard APRS messages sent by SMS and will insert them into APRS-IS network.

Under development is a system using satellite short messaging which frees the user from being in range of mobile network signal. It should work anywhere but I believe the satellite operator will not handle messages to/from mobile terminals which are located in North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran and India. They can figure out your rough location from doppler on the siganls and by knowing where the satellite was when you were transmitting.

If you want to be able to use it then send me a mail with your mobile number and I’ll add you. mm0fmf_sota AT (fix the AT!)