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SMS Spot NA Not Working

I attempted to self spot using SMS on the NA number. The spot isn’t getting through.

Have you requested registration of your mobile phone number in the system? If not the SMS messages will be ignored.

There are details of how to do this on these forums - search and you should be able to find it.

73 Ed.

Looks like the mobile phone not RXing any alerts at mo since last night ???


The server is not responding. It will need someone to give it a slap but all the possible people who could do that are deep in the arms of Morpheus right now as the server is up somewhere in W7-land.

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Looks like it just got slapped, and is spitting out old spots!!

Yea, I tried to use it Friday and Saturday and it wasn’t working. Now it is spitting out spots from one of my activations on Saturday.

I’ve been busy doing some other SOTA software stuff and just noticed the server is alive. The server uptime is 851days so it hasn’t been off during the outage, must have been a network issue. There may be some more noisey spots to come through… depends where they were queued.

Yep, a couple of my spots from yesterday Sept 30th have been issued today, and I’m now doubtful that they went out yesterday as intended, since I had no chaser responses at all, which is unusual. Got the activation anyway, so it’s all good, but I guess there may be some phantom chasing today.

Post 4, this thread,

All my SMS test spots I put in on Saturday night just came through at around 22:00 hours today.