SMS SOTA Spotter gateway for Argentina

Hi there, there is a public way to push spots from a homemade sms gateway?
I have an Arduino with a sim900 GSM modem that I can use for this. My plan is connect the Arduino to a Linux host and use it to receive sms.
I have some C (for microcontrollers) perl and php skills.

Hello Alejandro,

You should contact Andy @MM0FMF to get access details sorted for his SMS service.
You will need to give him the phone number of the modem. That’s it basically to create an account.

I use a 3G GSM modem with gammu smsd on a Raspberry Pi 2
that starts a Python script that does the rest. I can share the script with you after you have sorted things with Andy.

It supports 2 options but have a look here:

(The spanish translation is just done with google autotranslate. A friend of mine is just reviewing it. Same for other languages like IT and HU.)

73 de Joe

Hi Joe,
can you please share with me also the script you are using?
I suppose a recent update on the site broke my italian sms gateway so i’d like to update it.
Waiting for your answer I’ll contact Andy to enable also his SMS message format.

tnx in advance
73 de IZ3GME Marco

Great data thanks! Now I’ll try to run gammu with my modem and after that contact Andy. Thanks for show me a path, using gammu definetely should work much better than anything made by me XD. Please share your script

Hello Marco,
Hello Alejandro,

I will contact you later via the message system on the SOTA reflector for more details.

73 de Joe

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Probably you? Change the URL to

Sorry, it’s not me.
btw my gateway ip (static) is

best 73 de IZ3GME Marco