SMS for self spotting

I was out for a walk on Saturday with the XYL with the intention to activate GW/NW-043 on route.
The plan was to self spot on arrival as I wanted to keep our timing fluid.
On arrival I setup at Watkins Tower ruins and started calling on 20m. The problem was that I couldn’t get a self spot out using Sotagoat on iPhone or Rucksack Sota on my Android phone. It seemed that I couldn’t even get a 2G signal surprisingly being within 1/2 mile of what looked like mobile transmitters. Unfortunately after 1/2 an hour of calling I had to accept failure and pack away to continue our walk

As I did have several bars of normal service it did occur to me that I would have been able to get an SMS out. With that in mind I have spent the last couple of days looking on reflector for information but was not able to get a clear picture what is current in terms of SMS gateways.

So after a rambling intro to the question can anyone tell me what is the best way to get a self spot out using SMS?


Have a look here: ON6ZQ |

In the next 2-3 days the Hungarian SMS/APRS gateway can be down due to network maintenance.
Sorry for the incovenience.


I use Droidspot which I believe runs on SMS.

73 Glyn

hi paul,

for android you can use the following app:

it’s easy to use and you can choose if you want to send your spot via 3G or via SMS!

these are the three sms-services i use:

73 martin, oe5reo

I use Andy 'MMF’s excellent sms service. This is included in the link provided by Christophe ON6ZQ in his post above (the Intermoose link).
No apps required, and any phone will do, as long as you register the number with Andy first, and have enough signal to send a text.


I use the following App too:

it’s very easy, fast and works very well.

No need to register anywhere, just install it to your Smartphone and use it.

Best 73,


Hi Paul,
You already had the capability with you! Rucksack Radio Tool (make sure you updated to the latest version from a couple of weeks back or you wont see any spots on it, due to SOTA website changes by the way) can spot either via an Internet connection OR via SMS.

It is not unusual that SMS works when Internet connectivity does not in some remote locations.

Just send Andy MM0FMF a note with the number from the phone (or phones) you’ll be sending an SMS from, he will add the your numbers to the gateway, to allow access and in RRT select that you want SMS alerts to go to the UK SMS gateway.

73 Ed.

Thanks for all of the the advice guys it is appreciated.

It seems the key point for most SMS tools is registering my numbers for the gateway with Andy, email sent to Andy :smile:
That also probably explains why Rucksack radio tool said something like “Spot seems to have been sent successfully” but then the spot had not appeared in the spot list when I checked later.


let me underline that on some of this SMS gateways you do not need any registration (eg the italian one I own) and no app is necessary even though they are very helpful.

73 de IZ3GME Marco


I have tried to register with Andy But had no response. Is thus service still up and running?



Get yourself an email provider that works.

Hello Guru
Thanks for the link.
I’ll try it on the next sota.
Best 73
Andre f5ukl

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Right, access to the sent logs:

M0KKA mail received Sat, 08:53 Jan 23
M0KKA setup complete mail sent Sat, 16:53, Jan 23

If you didn’t get it, check junk/spam filters. If it’s still missing then we will have to blame However, one reason I still use them is that unlike many providers, they rarely drop mail, they place in my junk folder.

Hi Andy
Many thanks. Checked all the junk and trash folders but nothing there. Some other messages however now retrieved.

Thanks for the confirmation however.



I have been trying to access the following document, but it keeps timing out saying it is taking too long to respond.

Is this link still current, or has it changed?


The webserver sits in the shack and I turned it off when I got fed up with Chinese script kiddies trying to hack it. The webserver isn’t Apache but they banged away trying to see if it would succumb to Apache exploits and in doing so ate up big chunks of my internet bandwidth.

I’ve turned it on again so we’ll see how many hours it is before they start the hacking attempts again.


Many thanks for turning the webserver on, and I have taken a copy of the information, so I can digest it in slower time.

I didn’t actually realise I could just sent a formatted SMS message to spot myself, as I have been using RRT up until now.

Anyway. Once again thanks.


Andy had mentioned web attacks on that resource in the past. It had been taken down for that reason. Only Andy can speak for its current status, or its future.

The information that had been provided there has been compiled, along with any additional SMS information known to me, into the document (link) below. Is this what you are looking for?

SMS Spotting Manual

Thanks very much for the link. Very useful.