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SMP range page update #3

Okey dokey, good to hear.

Another update to the Range page - the page can now be called or opened with pre-selected values. This is in (a somewhat belated) response to a request for such functionality from a SMP user.

So, for instance, the page can be opened to show any summits found within either a closed circle, or a ring/annulus, around a predefined reference point. Available types of reference point in this particular context are:

  • Address/City/Feature
  • Latitude+Longitude (decimal values only)
  • Locator (Grid)
  • SOTA Summit

Refer to the SMP overview page https://www.sotamaps.org/overview.php and scroll to the “Range Mapping Page” / “Opening the page with pre-selected values” subsection for more information on how this can be done.



Hi Rob

Very very useful feature.

Well done, as usual!

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS