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SMP new version goes live!

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the bug report. I had also been seeing this same behaviour in a test page where I’m evaluating a different mapping engine than Google Maps, but I had not (yet) been able to reproduce the bug in the live site. Which was strange, since the code to pull the summits data is the same in both cases.

I’ll also look into the error from the contact page,

Cheers, Rob

Hi Andy,

So, the problem with the display of invalid summits has now been fixed - an extra pair of brackets “(…)” was missing from the code!

EDIT: contact page error also fixed.


So, the issue with the activations page not pulling the correct data has now been fixed :crossed_fingers:

Thank you Rob!
73, Andy

Hi Rob and again tks for this nice Christmas gift !
return on grid ! Since April 2018 changed my grid QTH JN18gs to JN23mx new QTH (QRZ.com it’s OK and my SOTA account also) but all my chaser QSO are from JN18 QTH ! what can I do ?
Eric F5JKK

Hi Eric,

This is something I’ve already thought about in the past, and I think the solution is to permit users who are logged in to alter their own locator/lat/long for sotamaps. So, I’ll make a small dialog window for that purpose.

In the meantime, I’ve manually updated your locator, lat/long in the system to your new QTH.

Many thanks Rob :wink: you r very kind
happy new year to you all all
Eric F5JKK

Hi, I tried all my “SOTA” logins and passwords - none of them allow me to log into the new mapping page. 73 de KG7EJT

I figured it out! All my passwords for the various SOTA sites are slightly different. I found the right one. Any way we can have just one password for ALL SOTA sites? Tim

Read the first post again! :smile:

Hi Rob. This might be me but its worth an ask. Under Activations maps, enter callsign ZL2AJ, click load. Scroll down and click a summit. Error message “Error is: error” comes up. Its also not identifying (under the QSOs window) any summit to summits. Interesting to note earlier summits load fine but any in about the last 12 months (ish) do not appear to load correctly. I hope this feedback is useful. Thanks for your efforts this is a great tool.

Hi Warren, I restarted the web-server and, for good measure, the db server. The activations page seems to be giving good results now using your callsign.

Thanks - that is loading now. The only thing it seems to be not catching is the S2S contacts made in the activation section. The last summit with S2S recorded is on the 14th Jan 2018 - VK4/SW-011. After that its not picking the S2S contacts out of the DB?

Could you give me the dates from this year of a few activations of yours where you made S2S contacts? Use a PM - thanks.

Hi Rob,
I just had a look a the chases page and checked some of my chases to find that my QTH is shown in a completely different/wrong place. I don’t know where this location is derived from but would it do to enter my coordinates in my Sotawatch Account? I’ll try….

Sylvia OE5YYN

Hi Sylvia,

As I hinted in my reply to Eric F5JKK, I will be including a new dialog in the chases page, to enable each logged-in user to alter their QTH location details, such as lat/long and/or locator.

Changing your location details in a SOTA account won’t help, since neither I nor the SMP has access to those data.

Thank you Rob, I’ll wait for that option.

I just realised that the coordinates in my QRZ.com account were wrongly set and referred to the location shown on the mapping page. Apparently that’s where it all came from.


Hi Sylvia, OK understood. I’m halfway through building the new dialog window…

i noticed that bug too … it seems not to pick out the S2S of the database after january 2018:

it say’s 30 qso’s and no s2s … and there are only 21 qso’s listed in the list below. i made 9 s2s-qso’s that day, these are missing in the list!

this is the data on the sotadata-webpage for this activation.

there is one thing that also seems to be a bug in SMP: when i log in with the SSO-password and then browse around the SMP-site it seems that i frequently get kicked out and need to press the login-button again. no need to fill out the username and password again, just one click on login and logged in again. but when surfing around to another part of SMP (e.g. from tracks to main page) it shows “LOGIN” again instead of my callsign on top right of the page. i checked now if it also appears on the new “SOTADATA”-page but there it remembers i am logged in.

73 martin, oe5reo

Hi Martin - do you have several tabs in your browser open with different SMP pages in them?