Smash & Grab

That most despised of activating protocols, the “Smash & Grab”, the “Four and Run”, call it what you will. With a 2m FM handheld and rubber duck antenna, of course.

That’s what I’m going to do in the next hour or so. Thought I’d flag it up on here with a bit of notice, as if just watching the spots, it might be a case of “blink and you’ll miss it”.

No school teaching or gigging today, so do need a little fresh air, if nothing else.



Make it a bit more relaxed and we will see you in the pub at 16:30.

Cannot join you sorry, off to play football in Stoke.

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Tom. Many thanks for QSO from G/SP-015, today. good to hear you again. No problem with Smash and Grab activation. Always remember, the Activator is the one who does the work, therefore the choice of activation is entirely yours. Best 73’s, M0CQE Paul.

Hi Tom I was listening for you and gave you a couple of calls, but perhaps just a little too far.
There is always next time…
Cheers Ken