SM5LNE 10K unique 👍

Hi all,

Today Jan @SM5LNE has reached 10,000 unique peaks, which ranks him as the world’s #22 chaser.
Congratulations :clap:

73, Eric


Congratulations Jan and thanks for all the chases.

73 Richard

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I didn’t follow the Chasers’ ratings that much… but reaching 10,000 different summits is a great achievement.


I always look forward to your call

73 Armin

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Congratulations @SM5LNE Jan,

10000 unique summits is quite impressive. Its always a pleasure to hear you in a pile-up.

Talk to you from the next summit,

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Congratulations Jan for your 10’000 unique peaks, that’s very impressive!
And thanks a lot for all the QSO’s we had so far.
73, Stefan

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Congratulations Jan

See you on frequency,


Hello Jan

Nice to hear you reached an impressive milestone. Congratulations on this major achievement.
And thanks for the many QSOs we’ve had and surely will have in the future.

73, Fritz HB9CYX

The bestJan!

Congratulations Jan! It’s always a pleasure tap your call in my log!
73 Fabio

Congratulations Jan, it is always a joy to hear your call, there are already 357 summits shared with you.
We hope many more.
Elena and Alex

Jan !!!
Amazing … woow

FB Jan. Always there, maybe not the loudest, but one of the most consistent OP’s.

Congratulations Jan es TNX for the calls!

Vy 73 de Jonathan “JB”

At first,thank you very much to Eric F5JKK.
I will also wish all activators and chasers around the world a good luck with Sota
It have give me many good friends.

My very best regards.

Jan , SM5LNE :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to be in your log Jan.
I just wonder if you put a pin for each summit on a map!
Best 73 and cuagn soon on summits

Hi Jan,

Chapeau bas :champagne:

Thank you for so many QSOs including today’s one :muscle:

73, Jarek

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Hello Jan @SM5LNE. Congratulations on the milestone and thanks for the many QSOs.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Wow…! What a great feat Jan. Thanks for all the Q´s from EA5 and TF…You are a regular in my log… 73´s Siggi TF3CW/P ( EA5/TF3CW/P)

Congrats dear Jan, and Thank you for always being a reliable chaser.

Vy 73 de Chris

Hi Eric

thanks for posting the info.
@Jan: Congratulations for this amazing achievement.
Thanks for many QSOs especially on 30m.
Hoping for many more…

Best 73
Ingo DH5ST