SM Summits to be retired 31 Oct 2023

A lot of new summits have been added to the database recently (666) and we have 15 summits which will be retired. These will be kept for any activations until the 31st October 2023, after which they will be retired and no longer valid summits for activation. If there are any you have planed on activating then now is the time:

SM/DA-031 Hökberget

SM/DA-043 Högerisåsen

SM/GA-008 Sjögråberget

SM/GA-011 Hårgaberget

SM/JL-074 Dyckesberget

SM/JL-075 Öjberget

SM/NB-017 Duolbanjunecohkka

SM/NB-093 Björnberget

SM/NB-108 Nuort-Skiddoajvve

SM/OR-002 Sandsjöhöjden

SM/VD-004 Galtåsen

SM/VL-002 Röknölen

SM/VL-010 Fagerberget

SM/VN-012 Väster-Högåsen

SM/VN-030 Storberget

There are even some existing summits which will receive a new activation point. Most of these will be nearby the old point on the same mountain, but moved due to more recent height data or corrections. These new activation points will also be applied at the end of October 2023:

SM/JL-037 Lillfjället

SM/JL-085 V Bunnerstöten (Vuolmelålkentjakke)

SM/JL-111 Finnsjöfjället

SM/JL-124 Edefjället (Arravatra)

SM/VB-029 Gaajsartjahkke (Gaisare)

SM/VL-012 Gåsklinten

SM/VN-008 Vildberget

SM/VN-021 Fröksberget

/Stephen, SA3IEI