Having just spoken to Lennart/SE5X via mobile phone. He was at the summit of Hökberget SM/DA-031 and ready to hit the airwaves. Sadly something was malfunctioning with his setup as he could read me 59+ on 80m SSB but nothing could be heard from him. A change of antenna did not help either so he decided to go QRT without any contacts being made.
Thanks for your effort anyway Lennart.
Eric - SM1TDE

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I’m sorry to hear that Lennart had problems with his equipment and had to abort his 80m SSB activation.

At the moment I don’t have a portable antenna for 80m but plan to start activating 80m SSB as soon as I receive a 4:1 balun for my “GM0AXY-antenna” (Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day).

I hope that 80m activations would make more Scandinavian hams interested in SOTA chasing.

Bedre lykke neste gang, Lennart.

72/73 de


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Eric, we got QSO from the nearby SM/DA-027 on 40 m CW and you were very loud and clear, so I wonder if Lennart did make any try on 40 mtr SSB?

73 / SM5KRI

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Yes we tried 40m SSB as well but NIL.

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Hi Dan

Thanks for your answer

It looks like the MFJ-971 already has a 4:1 balun built in and my Elecraft T1 ATU does not. Anyway I will try my antenna without the balun.

I’ve noticed that you also use a vertical antenna. How did the G5RV perform compared with the vertical? I have a PAC-12 vertical from Pacific Antenna and have been thinking of testing this on a summit.



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hi Dan,
have you a short info about the ferrits you use for 1:4 baluns ?
in moment i build also 2 of them for qro setup with amidon T100-2,the red ones.
the turns are from ptfe-wire.i hope thats ok of for 3.5-18mhz.

vy 73 Klaus

by the way. i have received nice post for you from HB9DAX at Friedrichshafen.
i send the bigger envelope to you the next days.

Thank you all for the encouraging words! Back home again, and I still don’t know what went wrong. I’ve been running this equipment before. For sure there will be another try.

Very Best, Lennart SE5X

I cannot put my finger on it, Lennart, but there’s something I like about your call…