Slow but good

I was awake at 0300 this morning, so thought I might as well bag a pre-dawn activation of The Cloud G/SP-015. I couldn’t decided whether to go for 40m, 30m or 20m but finally opted for the latter as I parked up on Cloudside.

I operated from 0500 to 0720z and made just five QSOs! One on 20m FT8, one on 20m CW and three on 20m FT4. The first three were pretty satisfying though - PT2OP (Brazil) on FT8, A65IN (United Arab Emirates) on FT4, then T6AA (Afghanistan) on CW.

Ultimately I got fed up of the cold temperature, packed up and rushed down to the warmth of my car.


I admire your enthusiasm Tom!


Rather you than me Tom lol Not a peep from you today but loads of Japan and China

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Just looking at the pictures I wondered … is this what madness looks like? or is it Long Covid??


This is what Madness looks like:


Never heard of the other band you mention.


The bloke on the left in the check suit and bowler hat was in Pointless last week. I hadn’t heard of that band either.


Rumours of a Pennines Bigfoot


How do you rate the MiniProSC @M1EYP?

Was thinking about getting another data cable/interface for the FT-817, presumably the same cable would work with the FT-857 too?

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

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Yes, it does, I’ve done SSTV on both with that cable.


It’s really good. Much more “Plug and play” than the Wolphilink interface I had before. Regularly wkg /P on FT4, FT8, JT65, PSK31, PSK63, MSK144 and SSTV with it.

Hoping to add JS8 and RTTY to the repertoire soon!

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I’ll add one to my Santa List.
Cheers, Mark. M0NOM

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