I would like to congratulate my lovely wife Sara M6NHA and fellow SOTA enthusiast on achieving Slothdom for the first time.
It’s brilliant to Sloth about the shack together! I would also like to thank the SOTA MT and the activators for making all this possible. Thank you all so very much.
God bless Sara and everyone

Tony M3NHA

In reply to M3NHA:
Congratulations Sara & Tony, well done!

Roger MW0IDX

Congratulations Sara. Nice to have worked both you and Tony, so many times.

73 Mike

In reply to M3NHA:

Congratulations to both you and Sara; I see you achieved Slothdom within a few days of each other.

Hope to work you again soon.

Karen 2E0XYL

Well done Sarah and Tony,good to hear you have acheived shack sloth.88/73 Don.

Congratulations Tony and Sara and achieving the Shack Sloth.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

In reply to M3NHA:
Hi Everyone,

Just came back into the shack after our evening meal and noticed the posting Tony has put on, I didn’t know he could use the computer! Thank you to Tony, he’s a little love, and thank you everyone for your kind wishes.
And a special thank you to the activators who work so hard in what can be really tough adverse conditions, the MT and the people who set SOTA up, a brilliant idea, and to Don G0RQL who is the one who explained SOTA to us and gave us the bug, and also the chasers who we have spoken to. Thank you so very much.
Congratulations to my husband Tony M3NHA on achieving his sloth too and thank you for posting for me and encouraging me on the air!
Good luck, God bless and stay safe
Sara M6NHA

In reply to M6NHA:

Tony & Sara

Congratulations and many thanks to you both for contacts that assured the success of several activations.

Rod & Vicki

PS Looking through the log I found an activation with Sara but not Tony; Oh dear, yet another mistake in my log and an extra * in the log for Tony when I correct it. With my writing N and W are almost identical.
PPS Now done.


In reply to M0JLA:
Congratulations Sara and Tony.


In reply to M3NHA:
Congratulations to you both. It was lovely to work you both yesterday(Myself Steve 2E1HTG and Dave G0VPS) and thank you for coming back to our calls on a pretty cold and windy Kinder Scout.

In reply to 2E1HTG:
God bless to each and every one of you who congratulated us on our shack sloth. We are both overwhelmed with such friendly people in SOTA and your good wishes.
Thank you again to all the activators for all their efforts and giving us the points to acheive slothdom.
Good night God bless to one and all
Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA

In reply to M3NHA:

well done to both of you.
keep up the good work, enjoy the radio.
mark and pam.

In reply to G1PIE:
Thank you Mark and Pam for your kind wishes, keep enjoying the radio and SOTA too.
God bless you both, 73
Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA

In reply to M3NHA:

Congratulations to both of you on getting to Shack Sloath.

You have both been showing up in my logs recently :o)


In reply to G6WRW:
Thank you Carolyn, always a pleasure for us to work you.
It’s thanks to the hard work, effort and skill of you and the other activators that we have been able to enjoy chasing SOTA and attain shack sloth.
Hope to catch you around the bands soon, either on activations or from your home QTH, especially YL to YL as it doesn’t seem to be that many of us on the air!
Good luck, God bless, 73
Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA and our cocker spaneil dog Fudge who has resigned herself to being an SWL these days hi hi!

In reply to M6NHA:
Congratulations to both of you on getting to Sloth Shack. Sara, First spoke to you just after you were licenced on 8/5/11. Pete M1CNL & Gill M6TAD

In reply to M1CNL:
Thank you Pete and Gill for your kind words. I remember the QSO we had when I was first licenced and thank you for the welcome and encouragement you gave me on the air.
Hope to speak again soon, keep enjoying SOTA!
God bless, 73
Sara and Tony