Skyline app

Curious if anyone is using this –

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Yes it comes as standard with ViewRanger now. I was using ViewRanger before this was available and it’s not why I chose that mapping software, but it’s a nice addition. Did you have a specific query?

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Have VewRanger installed but can’s seem to figure out how to activate the ‘VR’ function where it uses the camera and labels distant peaks.

When on the page with the map displayed, touch the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This brings up a menu on mine

OK, looks like I have to save a detailed map first.

If you’ve had the maps installed for a while you might have to reload them to get the additional data (it was free for me). On my phone the icon is a blue circle with a mountain image inside. That takes me straight into the app - i.e. The view through the camera with the peak labels superimposed over the relevant peaks as I turn the camera around