Skipton Weekend

Thursday and off to Skipton, Sharp Haw visible from the window so off we go. Nice activation 5Mhz and 2m. Invited to the CRAG club meeting in Gargreave and have a fine evening there. Thanks again lads.
Friday, a bit windy but dry and sunny so we set off for Buckden Pike. Start from Buckden car park but the wx worsens by the minute and we are soon in full waterproofs and fighting a full gale. Just before we arrive at the moor the wx turns nasty and parties that set off before us are returning looking much the worse for wear reporting full gale, torrential rain and everything horizontal, themselves included. They have given up, so do we!
Afternoon spent in Skipton, then as wx has improved we decide to look at Rombalds Moor. Have no map with us for this one as we did not realize it was so close on. Two hours later and we’re still looking for the access road, having visited most streets in Silsden and a good few in Keighley. It’s our wedding anniversary so we retire to the bar in a sulk, wx will be better tomorrow.
Saturday Very windy but dry at base so decide to look at Gt Whernside. At the cattle grid the wind blows us over into the side of the car as we assess it. Decide on Thorpe Fell Top instead! Thorpe village is the land time forgot (lovely place) unfortunately so did the people doing road signs. Find it eventually only because of a notice to the B and B there. Seriously, if you have a low ground clearance car avoid the road there from Cracoe (It isn’t signed anyway). Nice walk and test of navigation (too many paths then no paths) good shelter at the top and a nice activation. Receive new directions for Rombalds Moor from Geoff (CPA) so decide to give it another go.
Discover that had we gone 200yds further yesterday we would have found the access road! Soon at the trig via the bog and a nice leisurely activation, 2m only due to the time, sorry.
Sunday Easington Fell, a simple nice easy walk and activation so on to White Hill.
Some debate here as to whether to start from The Cross of Greet Bridge or the Remains of The Cross of Greet. We elect for the latter (SD 682608 no sign of the Remains) and keep the fence on our left all the way to the top (lots and lots of bog and peat hags). Excellent views from the top and a good sheltered activation
Off home, missed out on the two big ones but they’ll be there another day, five new uniques for us and a great short break
Thanks to all
Rob and Audrey