Six Meter SOTA Summer?

Ladies and Gents, Six Meter ES season is here.

Arizona just had it’s first BIG Six Meter opening of the summer ES season. The band was open almost all day with most of the western USA into Arizona with stations as far east as Illinois and Alabama. Signals were 5x9 a lot of the time. I even worked Aruba, P43K, at 0001 (5:01 PM local on the 2nd of May).

So keep an eye on Six from now thru July. I have never completed a 6M out of state s2s QSO…maybe this is the year!

So break out those VHF/HF link dipoles, J-poles, and small beams. Let the games begin!

Is there a 6M SOTA Calling Frequency (other than 50.125)?


W7A (DM33)

There has been an extensive opening here in Europe, too, nice to have the season open with a bang!

There was actually some between UK and Scandinavia on Monday last week, for those (unlike me) that don’t work on that day.

10m looks interesting too. Although, it don’t look like any “real” DX at the moment.