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Six Meter Activation May 20th WA7JTM

I am going to put on Six Meters from a high Arizona summit this Saturday. I will be running a three element beam and I will be running a 30-40 watt amp. I will be on a summit from around 1530 until at least 2359…longer if the band is open. I plan to use 50.103 for SSB and CW (Yes… I know it is in the DX window). I will QSY up band if it gets HOT, and I should be able to self spot my frequency.

I will also activate HF when six is not open, and I will chase s2s contacts on all bands all day.

Six has been opening up a lot lately, so I hope to do a few of these 6M focused activations during the next few months.

I hope to work a 6M DX s2s one of these days, or even a real out of state SOTA Chaser on six meters!




Hi Pete, So sorry I missed your announcement about last Friday on 6m :frowning: I don’t think we have had any 6m opening up here yet, but often we start to get them toward the end of May. PSE let me know when you are headed up to activate a peak on 6m again and I will definitely beam down your way :wink: As you know, we are an ideal distance apart for single hop Es! GL and VY 73, Lance

Hi Lance,

Nice to work u on Saturday during my most recent activation up by Flagstaff. I was surprised to hear u on a band other than 6M!

I almost always have 6M with me on SOTA Activations…but just run a dipole and 5 watts. On occasion (VHF CONTESTS/SOTA Events) I will run my three element 6M yagi and a small 6M amp at about 30 watts, but most of the time just the 5 watts on my Ft817. I like to operate QRP Portable in the ARRL VHF January/September contests, or the July CQ WW VHF contest. SOTA operation is even better during a VHF contest as all of the local SOTA ops can work lots of s2s contacts. We had fourteen SOTA stations on 13 different summits during the last January VHF contest…it was lots of fun!

I will now be watching 6M more closely for this summer ES propagation season. I have caught a number of openings from summits over the years. If all else fails I will c u from the Grand Canyon NP on a SOTA summit or from the June VHF Contest site with the “BIG” station hopefully. I will be activating SOTA summits before the contest as usual.

In the meantime I will be checking 6 more often from now on for the next few months.