Simultaneous mountain activations in the DM/BW region

Depending on wx our local radio club A18 Furtwangen plans to activate several mountains in the Black Forest (DM/BW region) simultaneously on Saturday, July 15.
Radio amateurs from Breisgau will participate in the activity and radio amateurs from the Swabian Alb will also be there with an activation.

Starting at 08:30 UTC, all teams will first operate on 2m/FM to give beginners who only have a handheld radio a chance. After that, some teams will also be QRV on KW (mainly 7-SSB and 14-SSB).

Spots will be sent to SOTAwatch.

Our mountains are DM/BW-002, DM/BW-003, DM/BW-009, DM/BW-015, DM/BW-067, DM/BW-089, DM/BW-284, DM/BW-531 and DM/BW-640.

We are looking forward to many QSOs
Best 73
Clemens, DD2TC (A18)


Many thanks to Clemens @DD2TC and the A18 for organising and planning the event. Unfortunately I had problems on 40m, not sure if it was the conditions or my TRX. It was a lot of fun to work many stations on 2m.

Marcel @DM3FAM, Stefano @DD7XW , Uli @DL4GG, Kai @DM1KAI, Markus @DO1MES, Damiano @DO9DR, Stephan @DC8LZ .
Drinks together after the activation.

73 Marcel DM3FAM and on behalf of the group that was qrv at HĂĽnersedel DM/BW-531.


Well done lads, great photos too.

cheers to you all - :beers: :beers: :beers:

Geoff vk3sq


Thanks Clemens @DD2TC for the organisation.
Our team at DM/BW-089 Farrenberg. Was lot of fun and warm :wink:


Successful A18-SOTA-Activity 2023

25 radio amateurs from the local radio clubs Furtwangen (A18), Schwarzwald (A14), Leonberg (P24), Haslach i. K. (A28), Freiburg (A05) and Tübingen (P12) followed the invitation of the OV A18-Furtwangen and participated in this year’s A18 - SOTA activity on Saturday, 15.07.2023 in best weather, despite high temperatures.

The Black Forest mountains Belchen, Herzogenhorn, Blößling, Hochfirst, Kandel, Schnepfhalde, Köhlgarten, Brandenkopf, Hünersedel and the Farrenberg on the Swabian Alb were successfully activated at the same time.

Mostly a simple handheld radio for 2m/FM was sufficient, because direct connections among the participants were possible between all selected mountains. Therefore also newcomers had good working conditions.
Besides many radio friends from the region, also numerous Swiss radio amateurs were active on 2m/FM and many QSOs with HB9 stations were noted in the logbooks.

Many thanks to all who participated. So the activity became a great SOTA day for all.

Best 73 de Clemens | DD2TC (A18) :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello everybody,

Nice to read that a new activity is planed on

But in my calendar, 14 August 2023 is a Monday and not a Saturday. So wht is the real date ?

Laurent de F8CZI

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Dear OM Laurent,
unfortunately the date was entered incorrectly by me. The activity took place back on July 15. Sorry for my mistake.
Best 73 de Clemens, DD2TC


Hello Susanne,

thanks for the photos and welcome on the SOTA reflector!
Great that you were able to represent P12 (Tübingen radio club) on this year’s event.
I can imagine how much fun you had on DM/BW-089 despite the hot weather :hot_face:
73, Roman


Hallo Clemens,
Schade, ich wollte gerade diesen Termin im Kalender eintragen.
Dann fürs nächstes Jahr vielleicht :wink: