Simple SMS spot server


This is a small android app to send spots on via SMS for personal or group/Association use.

All you need is an android phone/tablet connected to internet.

To add a SPOT on someone can simply send the SMS to device (so you can spot with a local number).

The format of the SMS must follow the one described here:

like: HG4UK pw HA5CQZ/P HA/EM-001 145525 FM op Zoli

(full message, no provision for automatic “mode” yet, comments are not mandatory)

You can download the app here:

Please consider the app as in BETA version, all comments will be highly appreciated.

Please be aware on what you post on and edit/delete any inappropriate post in case any bad formatted message will manage to pass the filters. Same apply to your “TEST” spots.

So for a SOTA SMS SPOT SERVER you only need this app and an android phone connected to web waiting the SMSs…

73,Panos, SV1COX