Si/098 July 2015 first activation

Hi I now have written permission to activate this summit in St Kilda SI/098
planned dates 23 and 24 July subject to WX more info ( call sign , times ,frequency ) to follow
later 73 Nobby G0VJG

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Hi Nobby - great that you have permission but which association is the SI region in please? It’s not G, GD or GW. and SI-098 in GM is Conachair, is that it?

Aha found it - St Kilda is an Island (Hirta) off Skye - ( ) - so GM/SI-098 Conachair is the (as yet unactivated) summit. There are 5 other unactivated (probably due to access issues) summits nearby.

73 Ed DD5LP

This website has some pictures showing what St. Kilda archipelago is like.

I found the story about the year-long permanent settlement fascinating:

73 Heinz (off to OE/OO-113 now)

Good luck! Getting to the islands is the first challenge. It’s notoriously difficult to get the weather right for the sea crossing and landing.

Some amazing tales of the folk who last year finally completed all the Marilyns with the last two being Stac an Armin and Stac Lee.

Congrats on the challenge,
I went out to St Kilda in 1989. With 2 others I managed to wangle passage on the army LCL (landing craft logistical). Do not confuse this with Normandy landings and Big John on the tiller. It was a big boat that could dry bottom on the sandy beach at Village Bay. We spent 3 weeks camping on the designated camp site in Village Bay next to the recently constructed campers toilet block. My activation was both IOTA and WAB. If I remember correctly there are 4 grid squares at The Gap North East of village bay. Access to Conachair is easy via The Gap, it takes about 40minutes. I took a 440, a 40Ah car battery, 30 ft of ally poles and dipoles for 20 and 40m. 3 trips to the top and 3 trips down. I made about 700qso’s, all pre-SOTA and the web. Beware the Kilda mouse, it eats anything not encountered previously, but there appear to be no midges on the island what a blessing.

Good luck and enjoy.
David G0EVV

Congratulations Nobby, I’m jealous! I was only looking at that cluster of unactivated summits last week and wondering if I could combine my boating interests with a bit of radio. I suspect many of them are beyond my climbing abilities, but a couple looked feasible. Good luck with the weather and enjoy. I look forward to hearing about it (and maybe even working you!)

Hi All
just a up date re Conachair SI/098 Call signs from summit GM4TSH Justin CW 10WATT STATION ,MM0UKI/P This is UK island group call hope that’s ok to use my be someone could say if it ok to use club call ? Operator me G0VJG Nobby 50w ssb both days after 5pm 23/24 july expect up to 4 hours each day ,(subject to landing and WX ) local time due to restrictions from MOD 73 NOBBY

Yes, you can use the club call. If you want to log the QSOs in the SOTA database (strongly recommended) made with the club call then you enter them into the personal account of who made the QSO. When you enter the QSOs you are asked to enter the callsign used. It’s all obvious when you actually do it. Ask if you need more help when the time comes.

Database admin.

I don’t wish to spoil the party, but GM4LTH has permission and plans to do the SOTA, Trig Point and WAB squares, this coming Wednesday.

Wicked news either way :smiley:
Noted in dairy :sunglasses:


There’s a big difference between having permission and actually being able to do them of course. Let’s hope they both (all) manage.

73 Richard G3CWI

Yes indeed. John had this all set up last year, only for the crossing to be cancelled.

Wish john a safe trip we were only doing activation cause it needed doing our main thing is iota and contesting . I wonder if john is aware you are not allowed to transmit before 5pm up there which doesn’t help things regards NOBBY g0vjg

The 5pm limit makes it impossible to take a day trip to activate the summit as they leave before then. It looks like you would need to arrange double special permission for that. Or arrange your own boat.

Nice to work GM/SI-098 today from my trigpoint. Takes me back to my 6 week stays on St Kilda when I wore green clothing. 6 weeks could easily turn to 8 weeks or more due to bad wx.

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