Shorted SMA plug for EFT-MTR

Anyone using the 40/30/20 endfed antenna with the shorted SMA to switch between 30 m and 20/40? I lost my first shorted sma with the red plastic, and the plastic came out of the second one. I am wondering if the plastic is just there to make it easier to track, or if it affects the tuning? I will try measuring the difference on my nano VNA so that should answer that question, but wondering if anyone has been using a different solution to avoid losing the part–maybe something on a tether?

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The orange thing is just to help you find the nut when you drop it.


Years ago, replaced the entire SMA shorting plug assembly with a simple slide switch mounted on a small piece of perf-board. Small, light, and nothing to lose. Additionally, made a slide that could be pulled with a lightweight line hanging down, in order to activate slide switch without taking the antenna down. Had a picture, but unable to find it.


Try this… Elliott, K6EL


Thanks, Elliott! That was the pix!