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Link operates with antenna up

Here is a link that operates without lowering the antenna. It is based on a slide switch. The trick here is to make an operating slide with hard stops such that no excessive stress is put on the switch handle itself. A length of mason’s line hangs down and allows operation of the link with a gentle tug. The operator could easily be extended with two lines of different color hanging down, so that link could be opened / closed at will.

Interesting idea, but unfortunately usable for only one switchover!?

This version was made to just open once; as stated, the operating slide could be made just a bit longer, with a string at each end, to open and close as many times as desired.

After a little more thought…because the antenna tension will keep the switchable link aligned, a single hanging string, or loop, to be operated with a hiking pole, will do the job. I’ve only used the version in the picture for disconnect, and it works very well, giving tactile feedback via the hanging line when it switches.