Short South Wales tour - 30/4 to 2/5

Quick bank holiday trip to South Wales. Aiming for a “bunch” of smaller hills on Saturday and Sunday and a bigger single hill on the way home. Aim is to do as many new hills as possible.

I’ve alerted for several specific hills, but the times and even the hills may change, I’ll update SOTAWatch subject to network coverage. I’ll be honest, if I can quickly qualify them on 2M I probably won’t do HF as it’s so much quicker and I have a lot of miles to cover. If I’m going fast on the Sunday I may add some, conversely if it is slow going I may drop one or two.

Hope to speak to lots of you over the three days.

Also hoping the weather warms up a bit (although it’s not looking likely!).

Staying in Carmarthen and spending some time with Allan GW4VPX on the hill and also celebrating his MG!

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Knees allowing I shall be passing through Waun Fach GW/SW-002 on Saturday morning with a group of friends so I will not be able to stay long. If I get the opportunity I will give a call (FM 2m) and hopefully qualify with a quick activation and might, if we coincide, have an S2S with you. Otherwise I will follow your progress from here in Hereford over your journeys in this neck of the woods and hopefully work you as chaser.

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Weather permitting (??!!) I have vague plans for View Edge G/WB-018 on Saturday morning (time very uncertain ?1130 UTC) with a remote chance of visiting Callow Hill/Flounders Folly (it won’t be open until Monday!) G/WB-015 about 4 hours later if legs and weather allow. The usual 2m FM and 70cm so not sure we would make the distance even if the time were right. Will alert if an activation seems likely. Hope the activations and celebration go well!!

Viki M6BWA

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