Short Report on activation of G/LD-038 Grayrigg Forest – more challenging than it looked…

Today was (supposed) to be an easy one pointer, but judging from my back ache it was slightly further than it looked on the map. Grayrigg Forest isn’t – the only forest is really the remains of the microwave relays nearby. The huge masts now seem relatively empty – a few cell stations but mostly bare. I chose a route from 015605 – Borrow Dale, which once the roar of the M6 fades into the distance is remarkably quiet.
The only real technical challenge was getting Woody and myself over the wall, just past the second relay station at 592002 which has a couple of wet and slippy stones sticking out as a stile but is about 1.6 m tall. The first attempt worked but I was not sure who was most at risk, Woody from springing down off the wall, or me being pulled over by the springing dog. On the return trip I sat on the top of the wall and hauled him onto my knee which seemed safer for everyone although probably isn’t a good look for a Springer Spaniel.
The weather was occasional rain, hill fog and a strong wind – probably gusting to about 30 so nothing that requited crawling to the summit but getting and keeping the antenna up was a bit of a challenge. I set up a simple tarp shelter to keep things dry.
I’m getting better at getting the antenna up without it being wrapped around Woody’s legs and by making sure the mast was carefully extended I managed not to have a single mast collapse.
As it was a short easy walk I took the heavier FT817 / MX-50P / LiFe combination which I usually adjust to put out about 30w. I used a 80/60/40 linked dipole and a j-pole also attached to the mast. I also took an 20 efhw but ran out of time.
After a bit of unplanned wandering off the top in the wrong direction (Not something to do on many hills…) the return trip was non eventful. My watch tells me that it was 400m of ascent 10km round trip – of which 2km was not on paths.
I decided to fill up with fuel and food at the M6 J36 Services which was only partly successful – they had fuel but the café was shut due to staffing shortages….more Brexit benefits…?
Thanks for all the chasers and particularly to MW1HAX/P for the S2S on Tryfan where it sounded like the wx was worse!

73 Paul

On the way up

Trig Point - at last!

Antenna and shelter

Borrow Dale appearing out of the mist

PS Bonus extra item - I should have taken the lighter KX2!
Missing Item … Laminated Map so had to deal with disintegraing map!



Hi @G4IPB, nice write up, and good to work you today S2S from GW/NW-006. No points for me as it was a repeat but we had a good trip ascending via Bastow Buttress. Challenging WX as you say, heavy rain and strong winds all day. 73!


Of course there’s no fuel in the filling stations now because of panic buying. The panic buying was because a report that one company had some issues restocking some of its own filling stations, about 100 out of 7000 filling stations were having problems. Result? Panic buying running out all the filling stations.

Now just think of all those people panic buying and manufacturing the shortage they were worried about. Do you know what is scary about those people? We let them vote in elections and referendums. :frowning:


….perhaps it is that we have had so many U turns that when government says that there isn’t a problem it isn’t believed. PS have you stocked the freezer up with loo rolls again?



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Indeed. A Professor of Panic Buying interviewed on the TV said hoarding is rational for individuals if shortages are likely but madness for the collective. We’re not the only species that does it.

I blame the broadcast and social media - the TV, radio and on-line news is full of pictures of closed filling stations and queues of cars, prompting widespread panicking. Without the news, the 32 million drivers in the UK would have behaved as usual and the temporary shortage at a minority of garages would have gone unnoticed by most of us.


The only thing that is in scarce supply is common sense.


My car was nearly empty, so I filled up at the Aboyne garage on Saturday, ahead of my Sunday activation drive to Keith - there was a large queue which is unheard of. By Sunday most stations in Deeside had run dry. Ludicrous.

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We had to queue at Aboyne service station Friday night! I run a V8 with only a 10 gallon tank, so multiple fuel stops to get anywhere and I like starting a rally with a full tank. Saturday morning, no petrol in Arbroath, the rally venue. Had to queue again at Asda Arbroath Saturday after the rally.
Come to work at Westhill this morning and the petrol station is quiet. Funny that.

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Not for long :slight_smile: Of course what we now have are people who having filled up are having to drive about aimlessly to use up their fuel so they can panic buy more. Or do what I will do… fill the estate car with hundreds of toilet rolls and then use them to soak up gallons(*) and gallons of petrol. I can panic buy more that way.

(*) you cannot panic buy in metric units, doesn’t sound right!

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No rush on toilet rolls yet. I think everyone is still using last years.