Shootout new Paramount Ranch in California

If interested in a recent activation at Triunfo Peak (W6/SC-219) then read on/view on at Shootout near Paramount Ranch on Triunfo Peak (W6/SC-219) in Santa Monica NRA (RC17) – Paul Gacek


Very nice report! Thanks a lot!

73, Sylvia

A world away.
Thanks, very good.

Hi Paul,
Interesting style of writing almost like an old novel…

There’s great support for National Parks on the Air in the US at the moment, does WWFF also exist in the states? As NPOTA ends in less than a year, it would be nice to see WWFF include the parks in their scheme if they are not already there. Something similar to Parks South Australia and VKFF.

73 Ed.

Thanks for the report Paul. I remember visiting California back in 2014 with work. I spent about 1 month there and well remember visiting the Paramount Ranch after work one day, followed by a meal in a nice restaurant that was actually a brothel in the 1800’s, strange but true!

Shame I wasn’t an active ham at the time as the area must be stuffed with SOTA summits :smile:

I will return to Cali one day, it’s too beautiful for words.

73, James M0JCQ

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Thanks for the reply and I’m not familiar with the WWFF program and not sure if its a US activity. While early days for NPOTA it has generated a fair amount of interest and participation and I could see a case being made to leave it in play past the end of 2016 as its unique, much of the admin work has been done and is a good vehicle to enable operators to have fun while growing in experience.

Paul de W6PNG

Just been looking through the WWFF site and the history of WFF, it’s preceding program. The US was in WFF and now appears to be in the WWFF scheme - specifically listing the US National Parks for activations.

So if someone could co-ordinate a cross reference beween the NPOTA codes and the KFF codes, then there could be a smooth change-over from NPOTA to WWFF.