Shock as Yorkshireman spends £1

Very enjoyable stroll in the sunshine during Winter bonus…

73 Chris M0RSF



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Wot !!
I asked for winter bonus for vk5 and they said we don’t get snow in vk5 so couldn’t have em. Here you are collecting winter bonus points in sun shine probably no colder than it gets here in winter. Great video by the way enjoyed listening to lots of famous English SOTA ops I normally read about on the website thanks for the great You Tube.
Half your luck and tongue in cheek off course.
Ian vk5cz …

Just in case our friends from outside the UK are wondering about the title to this excellent video posting from Chris:

Yorkshiremen are well known for being careful with their money, some say more careful than Scotsmen. So to spend £1 for car parking by a Yorkshireman is a rare thing…

An often heard saying here in Yorkshire dialect is:

“Hear all, see all, say nowt. Eyt all, sup all, pay nowt. And ivver tha does owt fer nowt - allus do it for thissen”

Thanks for doing the video Chris - good to hear my voice on Pen-y-Ghent from your end - it cost me nowt. Well done on the 19 QSOs on 2m FM!

73 Phil G4OBK (A Lancastrian domiciled in Yorkshire for the last 26 years)


I’m sure that clarified things nicely for our friends from outside UK Phil! :grin:

You might even have lost some of our Southern compatriots

From a fellow Lancastrian also temporarily exiled to Yorkshire :wink:

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Fair comment Andy - Queen’s English follows:

Eat everything, drink all, pay nothing. And if you do anything for nothing always do it for yourself.

73 Phil

The official term for them is Soft Southern Shandy Drinkers. :smile:


On a Scottish activation on Friday:

G4OBK to Scottish farmer “Good morning - would it be OK if I park my car here please?”
Scottish Farmer to G4OBK “Where are you from?”
G4OBK “North Yorkshire”
Farmer “Yes, no problem you are nearly one of us”

One wonders what the answer may have been had I said Essex or some such county!

73 Phil


Having acted as translator between Glaswegians and Cockneys at a business meeting I know where the Scots farmer was coming from.

In general - in no matter which country, I find “farming folk” are always willing to allow access if you ask politely and explain what you are doing. It’s a shame some “townies” aren’t as nice - mind you townies don’t usualy own land with a SOTA summit on it.

73 Ed.


The farmer would declare its an honor to have you visit and give you five pounds to buy a cup of tea after the activation.


Yes, but what would he put in the cup of tea? … Whisky or Arsnic?

Fake news. That was one of those old pound coins.

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Actually the correct definition of a Yorkshireman is

“A Scotsman with the generosity knocked out of him”

73 Rob GM3YTS

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No doubt found between the cushions on Chris’s sofa. Actually my wife handed me one the other day and a Euro she had been given in change. What I am supposed to do with them, I don’t know!

My friend Bob would say that applied to Bristolians. He was never in the front of the queue at the bar.

Well done on the activation Chris. Good to see you out on the hills. Maybe catch a QSO with you sometime.

73, Gerald

Must have been a quick activation, G/NP-10 and back on a short stay parking payment. Guess the spec is a bit weak, cos the duration of Short seems not not to be specified.

PS For those who are unaware of the generosity of Yorkshire folk, the Yorkshire war cry is terrifying… It sounds like “HOW MUCH” which must be bellowed close to the ear of the seller along with a Trump-like steely scowl.


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Hello Kevin, it’s definitely a genuine one. It’s worth the parking fee for the height gained instead of parking in Horton in Ribblesdale and starting the ascent from there.

73 Chris M0RSF

Hello David, it was a quick activation. What I also noticed is the board walk section has gone.

73 Chris M0RSF