Shining Tor et al

Activations of Shining Tor, Gun and The Cloud - 10/11 August

Just a brief thank you to all the chaser and activators who made my SP visit such a memorable one. Thanks to all those who spotted me (too numerous to mention) and to those who pulled my leg in more ways than one regarding the fact that I had been allowed to leave Wales and activate in England :wink:

Finally, and most importantly a big thank you to Mike 2E0YYY, who, unbeknown to me had set up his 2 x 5/8 co-linear on Shining Tor for me to use. We spent a pleasurable 3 hours on the summit chasing s2s on both VHF and HF and generally talking and playing ‘radio’. Now that is what SOTA is all about. Thanks Mikey.

Write up and photographs will be on in the next few days


Allan GW4VPX

In reply to GW4VPX:
Hi Allan,

Glad you enjoyed your SP visit. I could tell you were using Mikes antenna as he is the only activator I can work from Shining Tor on 2m.

Thanks for the QSOs

73 de Mick M0MDA

In reply to GW4VPX:
Hello Allan,
Glad you enjoyed the trip and it was very good of Mike 2E0YYY to do some prep’. 8)
Bye for now
Mike G6TUH

In reply to GW4VPX:
Glad you enjoyed your time on shining tor and the cloud Allan it was nice having you in our lovely country side hope to work you soon all the best Dave M3XIE