Sheep or bust

Excuse the odd title but it will become clearer. I fancied a last minute trip up to Wendover Woods G/CE-005 this morning and a chance to get an activator point. I didn’t want to lug the 706 along so I took the PFR-3 and just did 40m and 30m CW with QRP (5W).

I parked near the Aston Hill mountain bike area and walked up and over the stile into the trig point field. Hmm… the field was full of pregnant ewes. Not wanting to risk being accused of sheep worrying or causing the premature labour of any of them, I decided not to activate from the trig point and picked my way across the field through copious amounts of “sheep processed grass” (glad I didn’t sit in the field after all.)

I went over the stile at the far end of the field and set up the doublet along the path just inside the woods. Squeezing between the contesters on 7.032 brought in a few chasers over the next 15 minutes or so. I moved to 10.118 and worked 3 more but then after a last try on 7.032, things dried up. I packed up, tip-toed through the ewes and back to the car and home.

An enjoyable QRP trip and thanks to all callers and spotters. Activator log now uploaded fine.

73 Marc G0AZS

In reply to G0AZS:

Pity you shirked your initiation Marc. I had to find an alternative position on the hill when I activated Graig Syfyrddin GW/SW-020 due to “deposits”, but accidentally got initiated on Stingwern Hill GW/MW-030. A case of been there, done that, got the tee-shirt and thrown it away!

Anyway, the next time you go up CE-005, perhaps you’ll have a load of lambs to bother you as well.

73, Gerald