Shalloch on Minnoch

Just noticed this morning while looking through the database that Shalloch on Minnoch is listed twice, once as GM/SS-042 and again as GM/SS-043.
Checked carefully and they are the same summit.

Can the powers that be, please make the appropriate changes, Thanks.

Must dash, have a hill to climb for double points, :wink:


In reply to MM3NCM:

The database has the same name twice but the other activation details are correct. The ARM has the correct names and reference numbers.

Until the database is updated, you can use the reference number to select the correct summit.

For reference:

Ref Height Name Loc Start Points
m ft
SS-042 775 2543 Shalloch on Minnoch NX 407906 1-Jul-02 4
SS-043 771 2531 Beinn Stacach NN 474163 1-Jul-02 4


In reply to MM0FMF:

Thanks Andy, I knew there was only one for Shalloch a while back when I activated the summit, but that might have been before the new beta version arrived. Just thought I would highlight the wee hiccup for repair, so as not to confuse any new activators for this summit.

So no double points then!! :frowning: