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Shack Sloth (without a shack)

Finally got to my Shack Sloth today… trying to work out if it was Vicki MW6BWA or Allan GW4VPX that pushed me to 1000 points, both were reached summit to summit from Yr Eifl GW/NW-075.

I don’t have a shack so in fact this is mostly summit to summit, mostly on 2M FM. I have got a few from the car and a few when walking up or down a hill with the handheld on.

What a lovely day in the mountains for it too! Really nice weather, if a little chilly when the sun went behind a cloud.

73 Gerald


Congrats Gerald on a rather unique Shack Sloth Award. Maybe in your case it should be ‘Shack Goat’ Award.

73 Glyn

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Well done Gerald for reaching “shack sloth” status.

Thanks for the QSO’s.

73 Mick M0MDA

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Thanks Glyn. Several folk have done this before me, but it’s a bit unusual. I like the idea of “Shack Goat”!

Nice one Gerald and well done doing it without a shack!

Many thanks for the many activations that have helped me get too :wink:


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