SFI High!

The current SFI is 261, this is getting high enough to give F2 propagation on six metres so it will be worth checking the Magic Band today for possible global DX.


Thanks Brian, I hadn’t noticed the SFI was so high, however it doesn’t look like much (if anything) has happened so far, although there was a bit of Winter Sporadic around 1815 yesterday.

Stewart G0LGS

Seems there has been some F2 on 6m in the last hour or so, but I heard nothing.

The higher HF bands seemed to be playing very nicely in the Northern hemisphere, if the DX spots and RBN were any indication. Not so much evidence they were playing nicely south of the Equator (or so), though; I didn’t quite manage to hear any of the higher HF band activators this afternoon. – 73, Rick 5Z4/M0LEP