Severn Crossing

Hi Guys

Can anyone confirm that there is NO charge when crossing the Severn Bridge into England from Wales. My plan on Wednesday is to do May Hill, Ruardean Hill and Wentwood Hill and was working out which order to do them in traveling from Southampton.



Yes, return is free.

£6.50 to enter Wales. They have credit card readers installed now. I don’t know if the have “bonk to pay” card readers like they do on the M6 Toll. If they do it makes getting through the toll plaza quicker and less of a hassle.

It still hurts paying however!

Yes, do them in the order you have written them, i.e. May Hill, Ruardean Hill and Wentwood. You can approach Wentwood via Usk town, and leave Wentwood heading down the steep hill to join the A48 near Caerwent.

Wentwood is a very unattractive place, now that they have chopped down most of the trees. It can be extremely muddy!
Also, I have noticed that undesirables from the local area seem to congregate there at times. Keep an eye on your car!

Walt (G3NYY)