Several SOTA ops on Gun tonight

Keep an ear out for a bunch of us from the Macclesfield area activating on Gun G/SP-013 this evening. It seems only Jimmy and I have posted alerts on SOTAwatch, but at least another 2 ops will be joining us.

Not sure what bands/modes are intended by the others. I have successfully programmed up the Picochip memory keyer in my Rockmite 30 to send the appropriate CQ call this evening - I hope!


So Friday 10th August 2012 saw Jimmy and I driving down the A523 Macclesfield to Leek road for a SOTA evening out. During the drive, I chatted with Sara M6NHA on 2m FM, and also worked Neil 2W0TDX/P on Pen Llithrig y Wrach GW/NW-013. Once at the parking spot for Gun G/SP-013, Jimmy 2O0EYP/P and I both worked Karen 2W0XYL/P, also on Pen Llithrig y Wrach GW/NW-013.

Soon on air was Greg M0TXX/M, also driving up to the same parking spot. Jimmy and I set off for the summit, while Greg waited for Roger M0GMG and Roger G0BSU to arrive.

It was a beautiful warm summers evening, but without enough breeze to keep the midges at bay. I took cover inside my bothy bag to escape them, while Jimmy abandoned his station to take a circular walk around the local PROWs.

I had started on 30m CW using the Rockmite and PP3, but struggled to only two QSOs (MNI TNX DH8WE ES OE7PHI) in around 25 minutes. The FT-817 was brought in to replace the Rockmite, and an updated self-spot was posted. Now things took off with 16 QSOs in the next 18 minutes.

Over on 2m FM, Jimmy 2O0EYP/P recorded 9 QSOs, while on 6m, Roger M0GMG/P made one on each of SSB and FM modes. Greg M0TXX/P made just one contact on 40m SSB, and Roger G0BSU chose not to pollute the fresh air with any further RF.

When I emerged from my bothy bag, I was pleased to note that the breeze had stiffened, the sun was setting, and the midges were gone. However, I was not so pleased with the rapidly increasing noise floor, the frequent static crashes and the sky turning a strange murky blue/grey colour over The Roaches. Greg M0TXX/P said that he was also hearing the increased noise and the static crashes, and it was generally agreed that it was time to scarper.

Scarper we did, as far as the Fools Nook Inn on the A523 back to Macclesfield. We were joined there by Ray M1REK, with the conversation centering on youth hostels of all things. In keeping with Great Britain’s excellent cycling season, I enjoyed a pint of Pelaton Ale.


In reply to M1EYP:

I had started on 30m CW using the Rockmite and PP3, but struggled to
only two QSOs (MNI TNX DH8WE ES OE7PHI) in around 25 minutes.

Tom, I listened but could not hear you. Although this turned out to be just propagation, (I couldn’t hear you with your QRO rig!) your choice of QRPp frequency was unfortunate as JW6VJA on Svalbard was working a pileup on 10.115 and listening up. Most of the traffic I could hear on 10.1153 were callers for him so it wouldn’t have helped you much!