Set up for activation at DL/AM-001 with Brian VK3BCM

Here to show it isn’t always fine weather in Southern Bavaria is BRIAN and I setting up at this “easy” 1-pointer location.

(We did both qualify the summit - thanks to the chasers).

73 Ed DD5LP.


Hi Ed & Brian, well done on going out in those conditions, you are braver than I am, good to know you both qualified.
Cheers Ken

Hi Ken, Great to work you on all three summits. The conditions weren’t bad to start with, they literally changed within minutes! Crazy weather!

73 Ed.

The weather certainly did come very quickly, we therefore had lunch. Within 15/20 minutes the weather blew over and we tried again, this time successfully. Towards the end of the activation we had another front approach, not as severe.
Great day activating all three summits.
Thanks Ed as tour guide and the many chasers who answered our calls.
Hopefully I’ll activate further summits during the European tour. Looking at Austria and Czech Republic possibly Germany Low Mountains. Once plans are solid, I’ll put up Alerts.

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Hi Brian and Ed,
I saw you both spotted on 20 and 40m at abut the same time but couldn’t copy anything from any of you unfortunately.
I hope I’ll be able to chase you in some other further activation.


Hi Guru,
Band conditions yesterday started “average” and then went down hill as the day progressed unfortunately which is why I appreciate those Chasers who fought through the QRM and QSB to give Brian and I the needed contacts to qualify each of our three summits. We did try 20m a couple of times and I think Brian worked a Russian station on 20m but 40m was the better band by far yesterday.

73 Ed.

…spring is on its way Ed :wink: