Serrat Negre EA3/BC-023

Today my wife and me went to Serrat Negre, a pretty summit specially in spring sesion.

I deployed the fishing rod with guy lines and lift the trapped endfed. First 40 meters, the propagation was short and all QSOs come from EA, F and I .

Then switch to 20, EU stations arrives and later 30 when I made a USA chaser, nice.

S2S with EA2BD/P and DL4FDM/P.

Total about 40 contacts.

TNX at all for this awesome morning.


Hi Jon,
great to have our S2S today, I was looking forward to get our first summit to summit.

Hope your wife will join you many more times and record videos and pictures for you, hi!

See you soon, VY 73 de Ignacio


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