Is it me or what.

Best time to bang out Sota’s seems to be during September.
Once again been hearing a lot of and working a lot of in compare to earlier to the year. So is it the busiest time for Sota activations or not.
Just seems so to me,

Karl 2E0FEH

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I’ve only managed one S2S so far in September so that is not my experience. I’ve also been finding 40m a struggle.

Hi Karl. I have found this month to be not so good for me on the whole although a couple of times especially yesterday I managed to get 3 short of a hundred points. Whereas earlier in the year I was getting a steady 50 every day.
I’m glad you got through to that station yesterday, as you said “Never say never”.
Anyways best 73

Yes never give up till there no longer heard or gone QRT. Mind you start of month did Sussed out a couple points of local QRM here and GOT rid of them and hearing better again helps.

But 20m certainly been better than in past few months.



I agree with you Karl, the summer in Italy it was very hot. the weather in September is pleasant. I hope in a qso with you, ours last goes back to 27/02/2019 Summit: I/LO-252.

Roberto iw2obx


Hi Karl,

Yes September and March are both good because they surround the equinox, where north and south hemisphere have roughly equivalent daylight hours and our grey lines match up better than at other times of the year. It’s a while since our contact, let’s hope for another one soon.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA