Seoraksan activation video

Greetings all–

here is some video footage available so far from this last weekend’s outing to HL/GW-001 Seoraksan.


This was an outing with the Korea QRP Club to Seoraksan (Mt) Daecheongbong (peak, 1708m), in Gangwondo Province.

The summit was activated by 6K5ZLH & HL4/W2VLA (the others having operated below AZ at the shelter).

Departure from Seoul 20110604 @2300 KST/1400UTC, start on trail (from Osaek Yaksu, 5 color spring) 20110605 @0300 KST/1800UTC, arrival at Daecheongbong @0645 KST/2145UTC, activation from 0722-1138 KST/20110604 2222-20110605 0238UTC, lunch, departure from shelter @1300 KST/0400UTC, arrival at Hangyeryeong @1900 KST/1000UTC. Arrival at Seoul 20110606 @0030 KST/1530UTC.

Video shot by HL1KKC. Also in video: DS1GKD, HL1KKC, XYL, HL1EEK, YB, HL1WOU, DS1QQA, DS3FYW, HL2KDT, 6K5ZLH, HL4/W2VLA

Additional photos via the links below:

Enjoy & 73 de Jason